The one and only web browser plugin for dyslexics.

What is Dyslite?

Dyslite is the one and only web browser plugin that is designed to help dyslexic internet users increase productivity online. Through the use of state-of-the-art font types designed specifically for dyslexics, Dyslite modifies the formatting of any text on web pages to make them faster and easier to read.
Dyslite In Action

The Dyslite plugin working with the dyslexia-optimized font "Mono Dyslexic" on a Google Chrome browser.

How It Works
Dyslite works with fonts that have been specifically designed for people with dyslexia. By replacing the existing font types of text on web pages with these dyslexia-optimized fonts, dyslexic internet users can read the text more efficiently and with less strain. All it takes is the installation of one simple plugin, plus you can choose from Open Dyslexic, Gill Dyslexic, and Mono Dyslexic, three beautiful font types to help you read easier.