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We understand that people with dyslexia could be browsing the web in a variety of different environments. That’s why we designed the Dyslite plugin to be both blazing fast and incredibly flexible and versatile. Check out some of its greatest features below:

Lightning Fast, and Lightweight

Dyslite was designed to be a very light plugin so that it would not interfere with the load times on web pages. Once you have the Dyslite plugin installed and enabled, text on webpages loaded by your web browser are automatically and instantly converted into your dyslexia-optimized web font of choice. Just install it once you’ll never have to worry about it again. But it’ll always be behind the scenes, working to help you read faster and more efficiently.

Incredibly Flexible

Our aim is to help dyslexic internet users everywhere. That’s why when we designed Dyslite, we made sure that it would work on all major operating systems and some of the most popular web browsers around. And our hard work is reflected in the results. Dyslite runs flawlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, and supports both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It’s a plugin anyone will be able to use.

Affordable. And worth it.

What if I told you it only cost less than eight dollars for you to be able to browse the web more efficiently. What if I told you that for less than eight dollars, you’d also get a great font that you can use in all your word processing and other offline tasks. What if I told you that for only three dollars, you can also improve your web browsing experience on your iPhone.

Well, there’s no more what-ifs. You can download the Dyslite plugin starting at just $7.95, and our iPhone application for just $2.99. And for something that will change the way you work, that’s definitely money well spent.

Let’s Get Started!

Head over to our download page and start improving your online reading experience today.