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Downloading Dyslite

You can download Dyslite from our Download page if you want it for Google Chrome or Firefox, or from the App Store if you want it on your iOS device. After purchasing our desktop browser plugin, you will be directed to a page containing a download link.

If you purchased Dyslite but for any reason was not able to download our plugin, please contact our support team immediately.

Dyslite is available starting at just $7.95 for Dyslite + Open Dyslexic font types. You can also opt for Dyslite + Gill Dyslexic or Dyslite + Mono Dyslexic ($29.95 each), which each include both our plugin as well as the corresponding font type. If you want Dyslite for Open Dyslexic, Gill Dyslexic, and Mono Dyslexic, you can get our Dyslite Bundle for $49.95.

Let’s Get Started!

Head over to our download page and start improving your online reading experience today.