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Installing Dyslexic-Optimized Fonts

The next step (or first, if you’re running Google Chrome) is to install the dyslexia-optimized font(s) that you downloaded along with the Dyslite plugin on your computer (Open Dyslexic, Gill Dyslexic, and/or Mono Dyslexic). The installation process for all fonts is quite easy for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and takes only a few minutes.

We provide Open Dyslexic, Gill Dyslexic and Mono Dyslexic as TrueType font types. This makes it extremely easy to install the fonts on your computer. For all modern Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, users can simply double-click on the .ttf files to install them. 

Here’s an example of installing Gill Dyslexic on a Mac:

Step 1: Unzip the file that you downloaded after purchase:

Step 2: Install the TrueType fonts by double-clicking each of them:

Clicking “Install Font” will immediately install the font on your system.

**Important Notice**

A few users have been confused by the instructions found in the “browsers” section of the “readme.txt”file included with the Gill and Mono Dyslexic font types. Disregard those instructions, they are not for installing the Dyslite plugin and only related to the font files themselves.

Step 3: Onward!

After installing the fonts on your computer, you are now ready to install the Dyslite plugin itself. Onward!