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Installing The Dyslite Plugin

Once you have the dyslexia-optimized font(s) installed successfully on your local computer, it’s time to install the Dyslite plugin on your web browser of choice (Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox.) Based on what browser you are using, follow the corresponding instructions below.

Google Chrome

Step 1: Head over to the extensions panel by entering “chrome://extensions/” into the address bar:

Step 2: Drag and drop the .user.js file for Open Dyslexic, Gill Dyslexic and/or Mono Dyslexic into Google Chrome, and click “Add”:

You should now see a notification that the extension has been successfully installed. It will automatically be enabled and you should see the plugin in action the next time you load any web page.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open your Dyslite .user.js file for Open Dyslexic, Gill Dyslexic and/or Mono Dyslexic in the Mozilla Firefox web browser:

Step 2: Click “Install” when prompted with the Greasemonkey plugin popup:

The Dyslite plugin should now be visible under the “Greasemonkey” tab in the Add-ons page.