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Download Dyslite + Mono Dyslexic

Download Dyslite and the Mono Dyslexic font type for $29.95:

Mono Dyslexic is a fixed-width font designed by Chris Corbett to help improve the readability of text for dyslexics. Similar to Gill Dyslexic, the font works by differentiating letters and reducing their symmetry so that they are more easily distinguished. The base line is also heavier on Gill Dyslexic than most traditional fonts, which helps keep the letters “upright.”

The Dyslite plugin bundled with Mono Dyslexic will convert text on all web pages into the Mono Dyslexic font type when it has been successfully installed and enabled. And, of course, because you’re also getting the Mono Dyslexic font type itself, you’ll also be able to install it on your computer, so you can use it for word processing, logo design, etc.

By purchasing and/or downloading any version of the Dyslite plugin, you agree to the following terms:

You are allowed to use Dyslite for personal use only. The Dyslite plugin code cannot be modified or changed in any way. You cannot redistribute Dyslite in any form or fashion. You cannot use Dyslite for commercial/business purposes without a commercial license.

What You Get:

  • Dyslite Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox plugin
  • Mono Dyslexic standard and bold desktop fonts (.ttf format)
  • Lifetime of free Dyslite updates
  • Simple instructions for installing Dyslite and fonts

Total Price: $29.95

(Make sure to select ‘return to sellers page’ at the end of the transaction to get the download link.)